Staring at the darkness of Light

December 3, 2007



8 Responses to “Staring at the darkness of Light”

  1. russ... Says:


    i love both the imagery and the paradoxical title. the mystics often paint the light in terms of darkness & night, suggesting unfathomableness and utter otherness.

    at first the picture resembled an alien blue eye housed in green flesh, staring at some suspended object. and then a vessel travelling towards the dark light. i find it a very evocative image, relying on a small number of elements & leaving the rest up to one’s imagination.

    a strong addition to your growing collection me thinks & a refreshing blog alternative to words.


  2. Nic Paton Says:

    I’m enjoying the textures enormously, as well as the “Dark Sun” concept (I see Peter Rollins / Dubh coming through), and also the cosmic enormity.

    But I struggle a little with the colours (blue-green) or the lack of contrast. If you did this in black and white, it might come out a little flat?

    That criticism notwithstanding, it’s very good progress, and you should be pleased.

  3. russ... Says:


    i thought of your painting this morning. i was making breakfast for the boys and reading a few pages of Jung’s Man and his Symbols while the milk was heating up. i read the following:

    “…the mandala motif appears as a quadangle rather than a circle. usually quadrangular forms symbolise conscious realisation of inner wholeness; the wholeness itself is most often represented in circular forms…”

    i thought i’d throw this into the mix.


  4. Russ and Nic

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I have purposefuly worked with a dark pallet and even went as far as photographing the work without a flash in order to prevent reflective light from the flash diminishing the darkness.

    My brief notes will be up over the weekend.


  5. Russ

    I have never studied Jung, however, the symbolism expressed in the quote from Jung is largely accurate in the context of this painting.

    Can the word “wholeness” be replaced with God?


  6. russ... Says:


    putting “God” in the place of “wholeness” is entirely consistent with Jungian thought.


  7. russ... Says:


    yes, putting “God” in the place of “wholeness” is entirely consistent with Jungian thought.


  8. I like this painting. I feel it in my body when I view it. I’m adding your link to my blogroll and my page of spiritual artists. Good luck with your blog. Did you set up a technorati profile yet? It’s a great way to find readers…

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