The Song of Bareness

December 16, 2007

I will sing of bareness a new song,
for true purity is without thought.
Thoughts may not be there,
so I have lost the Mine:
I am decreated.
He who is unminded has no cares.

 My unevenness no longer causes me to err:
I am as gladly poor as rich.
I want nothing to do with images,
I must stand free of myself:
I am decreated.
He who is unminded has no cares.

Would you know how I escaped the images?
I perceived the right unity in myself.
That is right unity
when neither weal nor woe displaced me:
I am decreated.
He who is unminded has no cares.

Would you know how I escaped the mind?
When I perceived neither this nor that in myself,
save bare divinity unfounded.
then I could not longer keep silent, I had to tell it:
I am decreated.
He who is unminded has no cares.

Since I am thus lost in the abyss
I no longer wish to speak, I am mute.
The Godhead clear has swallowed me into itself.
I am displaced.
Therefore the darkness delighted me greatly.

Since I have thus come through to the origin,
I may no longer age, but grow young.
So all my powers have disappeared
and have died.
He who is unminded has no cares.

Then whosoever has disappeared
and has found a darkness
is so rich without sorrow.
Thus the dear fire
has consumed me,
and I have died.
He is thus unminded has no cares.

Written By Johannes Tauler
-trans. Martin Buber


8 Responses to “The Song of Bareness”

  1. Nic Paton Says:

    A starling example of the apophatic tradition. I see he was a contemporary of Meister Eckhart (a key figure in Creation Spirituality)

    To be decreated is a scandlous statement, and I think he penetrates the cloud of unknowing with great conviction.

    It’s beautiful.

  2. liquidlight Says:

    thanks for this Andy.


  3. liquidlight Says:

    “There is a legend of how a Layman came to Doctor Tauler and told him that his sermons were learned but lacking in God. Tauler submitted himself to the Layperson for instruction, being given the Golden ABC by him, and he stopped preaching for two years in order to attain spiritual perfection under the Layperson’s spiritual direction. The first sermon he tries to give after this retreat fails, for he can only weep. His second one is on Christ as Bridegroom.”

  4. Russ and Nic

    I’m busy painting a canvas which I hope to finish in the next day or two. I express decreation as becoming void/ emptiness. It is loosing the “I” or ego. This allows God to enter this space and surround you.

    Russ, Christ must be patient and not send the rented tux back to the hiring company.

    Nic, Viva Michael Fox, Viva Creation Spirituality


  5. gartenfische Says:

    Yes, this is beautiful.I don’t know much about Tauler, I’m going to have to look him up.

    Beautiful blog, by the way. I’ll be back!

  6. redpanda7 Says:


    Wishing you a Happy New Year. I look forward to seeing some of your new paintings in the coming year!

  7. Andrew-

    That last entry from redpanda7 wishing you a happy New Year was from me. Someone else was logged in on my computer & I didn’t realize it!

  8. Thanks Sybil.I will have a new painting up in the next day or two.


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