Lord of the Starfields – Bruce Cockburn

February 27, 2008


5 Responses to “Lord of the Starfields – Bruce Cockburn”

  1. liquidlight Says:

    thank u senor. i enjoyed this on a number of levels. you framed the lyrics of this for our wedding present and whenever i hear this song, it always resonates with a part of my soul unfettered by the many doubts, struggles and general ape baggage i carry – the part that responded to the call in the first place.

    thank you.


  2. Tim Victor Says:


    This is quite a powerful song together with some universal creator imagery. I quite like the picture of the suited figure with the face of light.

  3. “Love that fires the sun,
    Keep me burning.”

    Probably one of the most powerful lines ever coined. A deeply embued tapestry of honesty, intent and desire.

    Be brave when uttering these words.

  4. Thanks for the comments – A psalm I have carried with me for many years.

  5. squarepig Says:

    I absolutely love this song! Love the art as well Please can I get the lyrics from you again!!!

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