I splashed out yesterday and purchased this beautiful lithograph. I found it hidden in-between other works at my favorite Gallery in Cape Town – The 3rd Eye Gallery. This lithograph is number 7 of 12,  it is 1000mm x 700mm (quite big) and dated 1995.


This work spoke to me on several levels. I was mainly captivated by the title “sanctuary” which can conjure up thoughts of comfort, protection and the sacred place. However, in contrast, what we find is a sense of caged, caught and captured represented in this work.

AVA (Association of visual Arts) discribes the work of Eunice Geustyn as follows: “The major impetus of this body of work is the evocation of philosophical and aesthetic metaphors which seek the residual quality of spiritual moments that link humankind and nature in indisputable ways by the recognition of spaces, objects, forms and events that describe sacred places- repositories of religion, nature and culture. One of the major recurring elements is the motif of woven structures; weaving, spindle whorls, spiders and maze patterns function as symbols of the creative, formative power of nature and the ideology that all life, including humankind, is either bound or linked or woven together, alluding to the consequences of hubris and neglect with elements of death, decay and endangered species.”