Parallel and the (im)possible.

June 23, 2008



Acrylic on canvas: 1000mm X 700mm


Click on the picture to enlarge.


6 Responses to “Parallel and the (im)possible.”

  1. russ Says:

    opposites, running in parallel,

    the angular & the spheric.
    male & female.
    spirit & matter.

    the dynamite at the heart of creation.

    blood & mercy.

    (a few initial impressions)

  2. nic paton Says:

    My thoughts are dominated by the repulsion for the geometric as opposed to the organic.

    However, you in bold vision are exploring parallels and to do this it appears you need straight lines… or ?do you?

    Ultimately I applaud your tenacity – seeking a vision continuously, because that is the way to express your lifes work. There is continuity which excites me.

    What is happening in the middle of the canvas is a chaotic coming together of the “order” on the edges, and this is what happens when you allow life to take its course, relinquishing control and risking disorder. But as we are learning, Chaos is in fact the middle ground between static order and destructive disorder.

    At some point I shall like to understand the implications of the circle vs the diamond. It may be as seen in Peter Gabriel’s Secret World stage setup – a square stage and a round linked by a catwalk, representing the male-female duality.

  3. timvictor Says:

    Eeep. Somehow I’ve made a bit of a random connection or a/i/logical parallel when looking at it.

    It looks a bit like an alien doing the Egyptian 🙂

  4. Nic Paton Says:

    eep indeed: your pedigree as gamer and pop culture affectionado is a’shinin through.

    but hold up – maybe you have a point…

  5. squarepig Says:

    “an alien doing the Egyptian”..Tim that made me laugh!!

  6. Hopefully, Tim will have as fascinating a quirp about my next painting that should be posted in the next few days.

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