Knowledge vs. Love

September 30, 2008

All rational creatures, whether angels or men,

have within them the capacity to know

and the capacity to love.


In the exercise of the power of knowledge

God must ever remain incomprehensible.


Whereas, in the exercise of love

he may be fully comprehended.


So much so that a loving soul,

by virtue of love, may comprehend him

who is all sufficient to fill all the souls of men

and angels that could ever be.


This is the marvellous unending miracle of love.


Abstract from: The cloud of Unknowing


Emotional vs. Rational

September 26, 2008


Quotation from Meister Eckhart

September 25, 2008



          ” God is neither this nor that.”



Quotation from Peter Rollins

September 17, 2008


“We need then to rediscover Christianity as a religion without religion that focuses upon the miracle of faith as that which transforms our subjectivity to such an extent that we do not need the law (which causes us to move towards sin), but which overcomes the law with love. For love fulfils the law by transcending it. Here everything is permissible even though not everything is beneficial.”

Book: The Fidelity of Betrayal: Towards a church beyond belief

(I highly recommend this book by Peter Rollins)