Knowledge vs. Love

September 30, 2008

All rational creatures, whether angels or men,

have within them the capacity to know

and the capacity to love.


In the exercise of the power of knowledge

God must ever remain incomprehensible.


Whereas, in the exercise of love

he may be fully comprehended.


So much so that a loving soul,

by virtue of love, may comprehend him

who is all sufficient to fill all the souls of men

and angels that could ever be.


This is the marvellous unending miracle of love.


Abstract from: The cloud of Unknowing


4 Responses to “Knowledge vs. Love”

  1. Hi Suz

    For me, Godde is at present more “HER” than “HIM” and fully agree with you questioning this.

    “The Cloud of Unknowing” is understood to have been written some time in the 14th century by an anonymous English monk and is full of beauty and truth. Unfortunately, the writer was in the habit of speaking of god in the masculine.

    Please forgive me for not changing this, when quoting.

  2. suz Says:

    Totally understand! Do you know of any “her”references to GOD? I’m not good @ reciteing but anything I’ve seen is in relation to the GODESSES befor Christianity. Thank you for responding!

  3. Suz,

    Meister Eckhart, the 13th century mystic, said; “God is neither this nor that.”

    I use the spelling “Godde” which implies both genders. I recommend “Googling” the word “Godde” as there as some good articles on the use of this name.

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