Imitatio Dei

November 24, 2008


 I’ve been looking at the concept of “Imitatio Dei” as an authentic way of experiencing  the Divine (or the Spirit). In other words, by being “godly” or displaying “God-like qualities” we will have transformed hearts and minds. For example, God is compassionate, in Luke 6 Jesus commands us, saying: “Be compassionate, just as your Father is compassionate.” Therefore, if we show compassion to others, we will experience the Divine.

Is it possible that through living “God-like” lives that we experience God and this is central to the message of the kingdom of God?

Another example is found in 1 John 4:16: “God is love, and all who live in love live in God, and God lives in them. And as we live in God, our love grows more perfect.”

 Marcus Borg says: “The ethical imperative is to live in accord with God’s character.”

When we couple this with Grace I find an immense sense of freedom to experience God in everyday activities and in others. This is not a legalistic approach that is focused on sin but a gracious life focused on discovering the heart and ways of God.

“And when God is personally present, a living Spirit, that old, constricting legislation is recognized as obsolete. We’re free of it! All of us! Nothing between us and God, our faces shining with the brightness of his face. And so we are transfigured much like the Messiah, our lives gradually becoming brighter and more beautiful as God enters our lives and we become like him.” 2 Corinthians 3:16-18 (The Message)



Dreaming about fishing

November 20, 2008

A few weeks ago I had a semi-epiphany. It came to me in the early hours of the morning. It was something I saw in a dream. In this dream I was standing next to Jesus. He was looking out from high up on the shore towards the disciples who were fishing on a boat just off the shore. In my dream Jesus calls out to the disciples (in the same way as in John 21) to cast their nets on the other side…..

I woke up at this point and knew what this was saying.

It is a wonderful metaphor of our spiritual life. How often we find ourselves fishing on the wrong side of the boat.

Another gem from Jim….

November 14, 2008


To trust grace is to know that the world has already been saved by Jesus Christ…

Grace saves the prophetic vocation. The knowledge and experience of grace can ease the seriousness with which we tend to take ourselves. Grace can restore humility, our sense of humour, and our ability to laugh at ourselves. All regularly needed by the prophets. Only sinners make good prophets.

Taken from the New Radical by Jim Wallis


 As a student in the mid 1980’s the New Radical by Jim Wallis influenced me like no other book. The book was a gift from a mentor/friend.  Over the last twenty years I lost contact with this friend and the vision of Jim Wallis. It is amazing to find myself coming full circle as I once again seek the experience of Godde in my life.

I recently found my copy. It was with other old books that had been stored away years ago in the ceiling of my home. It is moth-eaten, mouse-eaten, faded and full of character.

As I turned the pages, memories came flooding back as I had underlined and written short comments all over the book.

Below is an abstract from my copy that is as sadly relevant today as 25 years ago…..

Quote of the week…..

November 10, 2008


I turned the page on my diary this morning. ( yes, the type that you write in with a pen!!) I looked down to the bottom of the page and read the quote of the week……….

    “The most satisfying thing in life is to have been able to give a large part of one’s self to others.”     Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


November 7, 2008




Bill Maher has teamed up Larry Charles, the director of “Borat”, and stars in this comedy/mockumentry that examines and satirizes organized religion and religious belief.

Religulous opened in the US last month to mostly positive reviews. And it appears to be very funny as it takes on most sacred cows.

It opens in movie houses in South Africa next week.  Even though is sounds altogether “stupid”, this is one movie I look forward to seeing. I’m sure that I will be both laughing and squirming in my seat.