Obama win gives hope.

November 5, 2008


I have to admit that I have been caught up by the US elections. I listened this morning to Barack Obama’s “victory” speech live on CNN and was filled with hope.

I’m presently reading a book by Marcus Borg called JESUS: Uncovering the life. teachings, and Relevance of a Religious Revolutionary.  Borg says that God’s primary characteristic is compassion and God’s passion is Justice. Here’s a short quotation from the book….

“I emphasise the political significance of God’s compassion because compassion can be heard as primarily an ethic for relationships between individuals, or as something added on to society as charity for those who need help, as in the phrase familiar in our time “compassionate conservatism”.  But it is not so in the Bible or for Jesus.  Rather, justice is the political form of compassion, the social form of love, a compassionate justice grounded in God as compassionate.”

My prayer is that the 44th US president will  be filled with compassionate justice. 



3 Responses to “Obama win gives hope.”

  1. illuminaatjie Says:


    Amen to that. the one thing that encourages me is that the american people have voted for positive change & not for a defence of a crumbling & bankrupt status quo. only time will tell to what extent his words express his true intentions.

    may he be filled with compassionate justice & become a true peace maker, where so many other leaders have stumbled & fallen. may we as christians be filled with the radical compassion in this age, which is so needed.

    thanks for the Borg quote.


  2. Don Rogers Says:

    Amen to that Andrew. At least, we have spoken for change. It remains to be seen if Obama, with our help, can achieve the goal. I have never been part of an election like this one. It gives me hope that real change can take place.
    The book you mention is the next on my list.

  3. Russ and Don

    Hope leads to expectation. There is a steep hill to climb, not only the US but for the whole planet.

    Be blessed

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