Another gem from Jim….

November 14, 2008


To trust grace is to know that the world has already been saved by Jesus Christ…

Grace saves the prophetic vocation. The knowledge and experience of grace can ease the seriousness with which we tend to take ourselves. Grace can restore humility, our sense of humour, and our ability to laugh at ourselves. All regularly needed by the prophets. Only sinners make good prophets.

Taken from the New Radical by Jim Wallis


4 Responses to “Another gem from Jim….”

  1. russ Says:

    Andy, thanks – great quote. Are you reading the whole book again or just dipping in? it just goes to show emergence was around long before we stuck a label on it. i need to order a copy.


  2. Andrew Says:

    I’ve reread the parts that I underlined first time round and dipping in here and there.
    It’s put a real smile on my face!!

  3. Don Rogers Says:

    This is a great quote. I am not familiar with Wallis. Sounds like he was ahead of his time.

  4. Don Rogers Says:

    I did a little research on Jim Wallis. It appears he is still more than a little active. He’s quite a busy fellow. I certainly admire his dedication to his fellow man.

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