On the 1 January this year I wrote down some thoughts on spirituality and community and posted it at CapeConversation. During the course of this year my spiritual journey has drawn me closer to both God and some kindred spirits on a similar path, as I discover the ways and nature of God. 

As I take time to reflect on this year, I can look back to the start with the desires expressed and thank God for the adventures, progress and grace that this year has given me.

For the record I’m re-posting my New Years Day 2008 posting….



Followers of God, a nomadic tribe – an alternative concept for an inclusive spiritual community

Since leaving a formal church back in the mid-nineties, I have often missed the collective part of my spiritual expression. Even though I’m blessed with family and friends, I still longed for some authentic reality to spiritual unity with others.

 In today’s society the individual is highly regarded. Furthermore, technology has revolutionized the way individuals interact. These two factors have in some ways forged a pattern of multilayered community. Read the rest of this entry »