The Living Flame of Love

January 3, 2009


O Living Flame of love

That so tenderly wounds

My soul in its deepest core!

As you are no longer painful,

Perfect your work in me if you so will.

Break the web of this sweet encounter.


O sweet burn!

O delicious wound!

O tender hand! O gentle touch!

Savoring of everlasting life

And paying the whole debt.

In destroying death you have changed it

into life.


O lamps of fire,

In whose splendours

The deep caverns of sense,

Which are usually dim and dark,

With an unusual brightness

Now give light and heat to the Belovered.


How gently and how lovingly

You lie awake in my heart,

Where you dwell secretly and alone;

And in your sweet breathing,

Full of grace and glory,

How tenderly you fill me with love.

                                                    John of the Cross




2 Responses to “The Living Flame of Love”

  1. ruZL Says:

    i look forward to hearing you recite this while running naked around the fire in an anti-clockwise direction.

    /r 🙂

  2. I will hurdle over the flames with the dangle bits exposed to the roaring “vlammer”

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