May 24, 2009








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An excerpt from the remarkable book , “The Weakness of God: A Theology of the Event”  written by John Caputo



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I have just received Bruce Cockburn’s new album – Slice O Life.  It is a live album – just the man with his guitar.  Listening to this double album with many of Bruce’s best loved songs was for me a journey through the last twenty-eight years of my life.  Over the years the music of Bruce Cockburn has a huge influence on me. This influence has happened on many levels from the spiritual, political, social, environmental issues through to intimate love.



The highlight of this album is the opening track “World of Wonders”.  Listening to the delicate and complex guitar patterning combined with the soulfulness of the lyrics was deeply moving for me.  It has been a long time since a piece of music has brought about such a strong personal emotional response.

Bruce has released a number of live concert albums over the years, however, in my opinion this is the best live album to date.  It has a wonderful intimacy which puts the listener in touch with not only the music but the maestro journeyman. 

Viva Bruce Viva!!!     and   Thank You!!!