After dropping out of Art School in the mid-80’s and out of “Church” in the mid-90’s, my midlife crisis has caused me to wonder. Maybe I’m trying to to find the “ME” or just scratching my balls. (they are itchy but it also feels good). 

Anyway, let me introduces myself, the name is Andrew, born in April 1964 in London. However, grew up in Cape Town where I still live. I’m madly in love with my wife and have two amazing children.

A need to undertand the spiritual and express this through a creative process is what this blog is all about.

Enjoy and comment freely.



18 Responses to “About”

  1. movingincircles Says:

    hi dad your web site is good.
    Love Holly

  2. Welcome to blogging! I’m looking forward to reading your future posts…

  3. fatsaboyo Says:

    Stop by anytime…

  4. gareth b Says:

    hey andrew…
    was good to meet you last night. i’ll be back at the cape convo. see you there.

  5. greg Says:

    heyhey andrew,
    do sunglasses qualify as fake vision?
    sorry i missed sun morning, body refused to move and mind decided to rebel too!

  6. Greg
    Most good of you to drop by and pay me a visit.

    Maybe sunglasses enhance vision as you can look closer towards the sun.

    I understand the mind, body and spirit skirmishes.

    Peace and blessings

    • Jonathan Says:


      I didn’t know where else to ask you this but I saw a comment you made on a blog on (“The Circle of Inclusion”) and you said that while you agree with the statement that Christ is absolute, you thought it was presumptuous. Why is saying that Christ is absolute truth presumptuous?

      • Andrew Says:

        Hi there Jonathan

        Welcome to my humble blog and thank you for asking the question?

        My comment was of a philosophical nature (opposed to theological nature) therefore, I have had to accept that the statement “Jesus is Absolute” is a statement of faith and not empirical fact.

        I was an attempting to question/deconstruct the statement. But I was not going as far as questioning the truth of this statement, I was presuming that it was true…therefore I was presumptuous.

        My deconstruction was not to deny the truth but to question perspective.

        I hope this helps explain what I was trying to say.


  7. Fatsaboyo Says:

    Some more art and photography at:

  8. suz Says:

    Hello Andrew! I’m new @ blogging forgive if I screw something up. Looking for me in 05 turned into my worst nightmare therefore I urge caution. Sometimes trying to know what GOD is telling us is difficult until it crashes into you fullspeed. I learned to be careful of what I wished,blood really is thicker than h2o,love is stronger than hate & traumatic events from early childhood are built into the mainframe of ones brain…lots other stuff too.Again I urge caution on your journey.GOD be with you.

  9. Gavin Thatcher Says:

    Hey Andrew – first time I have looked at a “blog”???!!!?? Reading what you have outlined in your “ABOUT” section is pretty wild because I can relate with your expressions of coming and going with stuff through life, being madly and deeply in love with my own wife and three strapping boys. One thing you are responsible for though, my good friend, was your personal involvement in instilling in me – all those years ago in the army, a deep need to find God and get closer to Him. I have been on that Journey since then enjoying all the ups and getting through the downs but always staying on that path looking for more….. sounds a bit wacked out this!! No, I am not smoking anything! I guess, your influence – unpushy, uncharismatic, normal but convincing has left its legacy with me and now my family and the many people I have had the opportunity to try to convince to get on that same Journey in the same way you did with me – unpushy, uncharismatic semi-normal but in my own way trying to plant small seeds to see what they grow in to. What am I trying to say? Am I commenting or making a point? Who knows? I guess what I am saying is that I am with you brother, enjoying the journey and wondering what is coming next. Keep the faith, it has lasting and far reaching consequences in other peoples lives – I say this because I know that without your Spirit led intervention, in my life 25 years ago in crappy, dusty, hot and desolate Oudtshoorn, I would not be the man I am today, I would not be married to my love and would not have the God given gift of my three awsome sons. Shalom!

  10. Andrew Says:


    I amazed at how our paths have crossed from time to time over the last 24 years. I’m at a loss for words at your comments above and filled with thankfulness at how blessed our paths and lives have been since we met in the Klein Karoo back in 1985. As you you say,…”I am with you brother, enjoying the journey and wondering what is coming next”.

    Thanks for the encouragement and let’s keep in contact.

    Be blessed

  11. J.J. Says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Great meeting and talking with you at Amahoro. Thanks for sharing your blog and your artwork, I am now a regular subscriber!

    I got mine set up at…it‘s brand new so we’ll see what it becomes.

    Thank you for sharing your journey in such a very real way…one I can definitely relate to. I look forward to hearing more and seeing more creative expressions of how it unfolds!


  12. Don Rogers Says:

    Hey Andrew- It appears you are the only connection I have to my S.A. buddies! When I got a new laptop, all my email address were lost. This is the only way I could think of, except for Skype to contact you guys. Guess I need Nic, Russ, and your email addresses. Also, what happened to Nic’s blog. It won’t let me log on without a username and password. What’s up? Can you help me out? My email is

  13. seeker2008 Says:

    Hey Andrew,

    It is really nice to discover your blog page. I am going to add it on my blog roll. it was also nice to be welcomes to your log with the Rumi quote as well.


  14. Frank Says:

    Hi there, I would love to use your fantastic “paradox” drawing in a text of mien wihich is about paradox as strategie, that will be published by the Zürich Art Academy. Unfortunatelly they have no money. What do you think. ‘ wuld need your answer soon. best Frank

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