May 24, 2009








“The Christian religion is a religion of the flesh.  The human body is not merely a tiresome burden which we have to carry, a dark, heavy prison in which a radiant spiritual soul is locked up as punishment until it gains release in death.  It has a central part to play in our journey to God.  Until we have experienced its tug, its weight and resistance, there is no spiritual life possible for us.  There are lessons for us to learn, experiences for us to undergo, which can come to us only through the body. ”



This quotation is take from the Book “The way of Paradox: Spiritual life as taught by Meister Eckhart” Written by Cyprian Smith OSB

This posting was in response to a post seen at “Art of the Spirit” on Hildergard of Bingen: Illness and  creative purpose. I would encourage you to read this and view the video by Matthew Fox.