There’s Nothing Ahead.

December 7, 2010

Lovers think they are looking for each other,
but there is only one search: wandering
this world is wandering that, both inside one
transparent sky. In here
there is no dogma and no heresy.

The miracle of Jesus is himself, not what he said or did
about the future, Forget the future.
I’d worship someone who could do that.

On the way you may want to look back, or not,
but if you can say “There’s nothing ahead”,
there will be nothing there.

Stretch your arms and take hold the cloth of your clothes
with both hands. The cure for pain is in the pain.
Good and bad are mixed. If you don’t have both,
you don’t belong with us.

When one of us gets lost, is not here, he must be inside us.
There’s no place like that anywhere in the world.

-A poem by Jelaluddin Rumi

 From ‘The Essential Rumi” translated by Coleman Barks




This poem has been taken from RUMI The Essential Rumi  Translated by Coleman Barks.

The Living Flame of Love

January 3, 2009


O Living Flame of love

That so tenderly wounds

My soul in its deepest core!

As you are no longer painful,

Perfect your work in me if you so will.

Break the web of this sweet encounter.


O sweet burn!

O delicious wound!

O tender hand! O gentle touch!

Savoring of everlasting life

And paying the whole debt.

In destroying death you have changed it

into life.


O lamps of fire,

In whose splendours

The deep caverns of sense,

Which are usually dim and dark,

With an unusual brightness

Now give light and heat to the Belovered.


How gently and how lovingly

You lie awake in my heart,

Where you dwell secretly and alone;

And in your sweet breathing,

Full of grace and glory,

How tenderly you fill me with love.

                                                    John of the Cross



Emotional vs. Rational

September 26, 2008




The Song of Bareness

December 16, 2007

I will sing of bareness a new song,
for true purity is without thought.
Thoughts may not be there,
so I have lost the Mine:
I am decreated.
He who is unminded has no cares.

 My unevenness no longer causes me to err:
I am as gladly poor as rich.
I want nothing to do with images,
I must stand free of myself:
I am decreated.
He who is unminded has no cares.

Would you know how I escaped the images?
I perceived the right unity in myself.
That is right unity
when neither weal nor woe displaced me:
I am decreated.
He who is unminded has no cares.

Would you know how I escaped the mind?
When I perceived neither this nor that in myself,
save bare divinity unfounded.
then I could not longer keep silent, I had to tell it:
I am decreated.
He who is unminded has no cares.

Since I am thus lost in the abyss
I no longer wish to speak, I am mute.
The Godhead clear has swallowed me into itself.
I am displaced.
Therefore the darkness delighted me greatly.

Since I have thus come through to the origin,
I may no longer age, but grow young.
So all my powers have disappeared
and have died.
He who is unminded has no cares.

Then whosoever has disappeared
and has found a darkness
is so rich without sorrow.
Thus the dear fire
has consumed me,
and I have died.
He is thus unminded has no cares.

Written By Johannes Tauler
-trans. Martin Buber