The following lines from the Neil Young’s song “On the Beach” basically sums things up for me at the moment……

“Though my problems are meaningless
That don’t make them go away”


 A Zen saying on a photo I took at AfrikaBurn a few years ago.

my new year’s resolution

January 18, 2012

Therefore now let us seek

To perceive simplicity,

To conserve beauty in the heart,

To curb selfishness and to have few desires.


Tao Te Ching

TAO verse 16

December 4, 2011

The Gospel of Thomas 111.

November 27, 2011

An excerpt from The Gospel of Thomas -The Gnostic Wisdom of Jesus.  A beautiful translation, with commentary, by Jean-Yves Leloup.

this quotation is taken from sermon 5b (translation by Walshe)