Who’s Heresy ?

April 21, 2008

This post forms part of the schycroblog “Emerging heresy”


“One of the most deplorable aspects of the postmodern era and its so-called ‘thought’ is the return of the religious dimension in all its different guises: from Christian and other fundamentalisms, through the multitude of New Age spiritualisms, up to the emerging religious sensitivity within deconstructionism itself(so-called ‘post-secular’ thought).”

“– the authentic Christian legacy is much too precious to be left to the fundamentalist freaks.”

“Even those who acknowledge this direct lineage from Christianity to Marxism, however, usually fetishize the early ‘authentic’ followers of Christ   against the Church’s ‘institutionalization’ epitomized by the name of Saint Paul: Read the rest of this entry »




“Initiation is always the attempt to create a new imprint.” – Robert Anton Wilson.


i remember sitting in Andy & Tess’ lounge many years ago, listening as Andy shared his desire for a shed at the bottom of the garden in which to paint, pot and/or sculpt – I think he was working at Safmarine at the time, so this must have been in the late 80’s. many years passed, during which i trusted that this vision would one day come to pass. his recent call to ask me to write a short piece on his latest painting therefore thrilled me deliciously. Read the rest of this entry »