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(Im)possible no. 4 – Mourning



Detail: Canvas 1 – Friday (death)






Detail: Cavas 2 –  Saturday (mourning)







Detail: Canvas 3 – Sunday (rebirth)







(Im)possible no.3 – Forgive


  (Im)possible no.2 – Hospitality


(Im)possible no. 1 – Gift


Parallel and the (im)possible.

Parallax I , II and III.


Triptych – Supernatural change


In the dark.


Staring at the darkness of light.


Elements of hope.


I see the light. But what is it?



4 Responses to “My Artwork”

  1. Russ Says:

    happy third trimester Andy. soene from us xx

  2. nic paton Says:

    Thanks for curating this.

    I’m fascinated by your attraction towards hard edges and hard colour contrasts. I find the organic and painterly quality of the latter 3 more welcoming than the flatter, straighter first ones.

    But overall as I have said, this experiment is a worthy one.

  3. suz Says:

    My favorites “elements of hope” and “I see the light but what is it”. The abstract can give way to concrete depiction for me in these two beautiful pieces! Unfortunatly I only have access to a handheld screen @ present.

  4. I really like (im)possible 1 & 2! The color and composition are great.

    Hope all is well in the new year.

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